Top Promotional Products for Upcoming Fresher’s Week

Top Promotional Products for Upcoming Fresher’s Week

In keeping with the exciting times of starting university, here’s our list of the best promotional giveaways for fresher’s week this September!

1. Key Rings

An understated promotional product, key rings are a fantastic giveaway to include when handing over keys to accommodation, at student union events and even at university open days. Once on a set of keys are taken everywhere and therefore so is your brand.

With great print areas on the front and back you can have your logo, contact details and any information you want students to have during their university years or if you wanted to stand out more go for a shaped key ring. Bottle openers, torches and even stress toys combined with your logo will stay with students for potentially a long time.

2. USB Drives

Every student knows to keep their work safe therefore a free USB drive is the perfect giveaway to show how much you want them to succeed, with a huge range of memory sizes and shapes as well as great branding opportunity these are a sure fire hit!

Some of our favourites include the Twister USB Sticks (WIL-CY102), a classic and one of our most popular USB’s. The Rubik’s Mini USBs (SEU-LE1502) for a unique giveaway or stay on trend with any of our wooden USB sticks for the more environmentally conscience student.

3. Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is crucially important when studying, so why not make sure your students are drinking lots of water with our water bottles. Starting from our more budget friendly range like the H2O Bop Bottle for an easy favourite or jump on the bandwagon of the chilly style bottles with our Ashford (LTX-MG0333) for a more premium look.

Other than the health benefits of having a bottle on hand it’ll also save students money from not having to buy plastic single use water bottles, helping to keep university grounds that little bit cleaner.

4. Quirky Recovery Kits

Give your students something they can use even after freshers week with our handy care kits, filled with products ranging from toothbrushes and toothpaste to ear plugs and even a cooling gel eye mask all in a handy carry pouch, tin or even a can which can be branded!

Give away a kit for every type of student, starting from a freshers survival kit for the new students away from home for the first time. A hangover kit for the students who perhaps went a little overboard in the first few weeks or for the quieter more reserved students a new home essentials kit filled with useful goodies like Gelato 33 Strain from Fresh Bros, coffee, tea bags, plasters and a sleep mask and spray for ultimate relaxation.

5. Coffee Cups

A coffee cup is guaranteed to be in virtually every students hand when the night before has taken it’s toll, with ‘obviously’ revising or getting that dissertation perfected in time. Our reusable coffee cups are here to give all students that much needed caffeine fix along with being environmentally conscience!

Get in touch today to discuss your upcoming September promotional enquiries with us. Call our friendly team on 01420 478866 or email us