Top Promotional Trends to look out for in January 2020!

Top Promotional Trends to look out for in January 2020!

Exhibition Season

The exhibition season is in full swing and you know what that means, time to get some new merch!

We already mentioned some ideas in our last blog however there are so many great ideas out there we couldn’t possibly fit into one blog. Keyrings are always a go to for many companies that are exhibiting as once on your potential customer’s set of keys they’ll carry your brand with them wherever they go and will remember you when needed weihnachts clips kostenlos herunterladen.

And with so many shapes and functions you’ll definitely be able to find something that coordinates with your brand. Another classic is pens, and oldie but a goody these are the budget friendly and easy giveaway no one can say no to, even in this world where everything is typed out we’ll always need a pen.

And if sweets don’t peak your fancy then mints are always a fantastic alternative. They’ll last longer than sweets as they’ll be kept around to freshen breath, are small and convenient coming in many different shaped containers rechner app kostenlos herunterladen. Mint cards, tins and even tubes, all perfect for whipping out when required and seeing your logo in the process.

Gym Apparel

It’s that time of year again where everyone wants to get back into shape after gorging during Christmas. Why not help them out with our range of branded gym apparel?

An all-time favourite are the Dry-Fit Nike polo shirts, a premium polo which provides the comfortable feel of double-knit fabric and the sweat wicking power of the dry-fit technology to help you stay dry when on the move bloons td battles herunterladen. We recommend to get these embroidered as your brand as will last longer and will incur 1 setup charge whereas printing may have more for multicolour logos.

 Don’t have the budget for Nike? We offer other alternatives at a more affordable price. Pair with a pair of leggings for a premium full outfit to sell to new signups bootres.dll downloaden? Or create a range including outdoor wear for the cold January days, sports socks and even headwear like baseball caps for the rare sunny day.

Wrist and Head Sweatbands

Want some exercise merchandise but don’t want your budget blown. Don’t sweat it!

Our selection wrist and head sweatbands are always popular, coming in a huge range of colours and embroidered with your logo these are sure to motivate your customer to break a sweat star wars movies download. There is also an option that includes a zip to hold you gym membership card, lockers keys or money. Very handy for when you’re on the go and don’t want to carry a bag with you.

Perfect for gyms, outdoor sporting events and even schools and offices!

6 Nations Rugby

Time to cheer on your favourite team and what better way to do it then with some classic crowd merchandise skype app download mac!

A few of our personal favourites are the bang bang sticks, these popular and wacky cheering sticks make noise when banged together to ensure your team can hear you cheer. The can also be branded up to full colour on both sticks for maximum impact and can also be pantone matched to ensure they are in keeping with your team or company colours iphone apps herunterladen.

Other crowd merchandise we love is foam hands, a little quieter than bang bang sticks but can get your message across just as well. The large branding area is perfect for your logo or message of support, paired with one of the many colours and shapes these come in are perfect for the Six Nations this year.

Or perhaps you want something slightly more subtle? We offer rugby ball shaped merchandise like keyrings, stress balls and even chocolate (yum) for those who want to show their support differently herunterladen. All branded with your logo as a giveaway or to sell to support your favourite team!

Chinese New Year

Towards the end of Jan comes Chinese New Year! A couple of our favourites are our range of chopsticks which come in a variety of materials, the first being melamine. The high quality promotional chopsticks can be washed and reused making them perfect as a gift especially once branded fortnite pc for free. Alternatively there is also bamboo chopsticks, these disposable chopsticks are fully recyclable and great value for money without having to sacrifice quality and both options come with paper sleeves that can be branded up to full colour!

Another product which is popular around this time of year is of course fortune cookies. The yummy future containing delicacies come wrapped in of the many colours of foils with your company name printed directly onto it, even the message inside is customisable teams downloaden als app! These make the perfect giveaway at a restaurant or event and will no doubt make people smile!

Get in touch today to discuss your upcoming January promotional enquiries with us. Call our friendly team on 01420 478866 or e-mail us at