Hot Summer Promotional Ideas 2014


Hot Summer Promotional Ideas 2014

British Weather Services expert, Jim Dale says that “we’re going to hit the magical figure of 90F (32C)” this year! So, here at Complete Merchandise, we have come out with a list of top sizzling summer promotional ideas to ensure your marketing campaign keeps up with the heat!

Promotional Sunglasses

Promotional sunglasses come in many different colours and styles, as do proclear lenses. If your order quantity is large enough, you can even Pantone match them to your company’s colours. You can brand your logo on each of the arms, or  on to the lens with vision film printing. This gives you a large banding area and a very unique looking promotional product! Everyone is bound to take a second glance!

Promotional Sunglasses, Summer Promotional Ideas

Promotional Beach Balls

With the heat blaring down on us, the first thing us Brits like to do is head towards the beach! A beach ball is one of the top things we associate with the beach and summer so having your company’s name printed on to one will sure attract attention. As these large promotional beach balls are thrown around on the beach, they will draw attention wherever they are being used. They come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes with a large branding area on each panel.

promotional beach balls summer promotional ideas

Promotional Bucket & Spades

These promotional bucket & spades are a great promotional product for children. Associating your company with a promotional product that brings joy to children will always give you plus points in the eyes of the parents (who may be your potential clients). Promotional bucket & spades come in a range of standard colours. Brand on to the bucket and the spade for maximum effect.

promotional bucket and spade summer promotional ideas

Promotional Flip Flops

Keeping cool is a must in summer and with the help of promotional flip flops, our feet will feel the breeze. Not only this, but flip flops are renowned for appearing as soon as the sun peaks out and our British temperature rises! Customise your flip flop colours and brand your logo onto the top so each time the user puts them on they are reminded of your company. A great idea to encourage popularity and attention is to have an embossed print under the sole, so a message is left on the beach wherever the user decides to walk!

promotional flip flops summer promotional ideas

Promotional Beach Towels

One of our most popular promotional items, beach towels are a must when making a trip down to the beach! Not only is it an ideal advertisement to the user, but a printed down doubles up as an advertisement billboard for all to see! Whether the user decides to wrap it around them, or use it when they go swimming, all these potential uses would be public places. This encourages maximum chance of exposure for your company. Towels can be digitally printed, jacquard woven or just embroidered.

promotional beach towels summer promotional ideas

Promotional Floating Keyring

Our keys are one of the most important things when we leave the house. Obviously when we go swimming we don’t want to leave keys around for security reasons, yet taking them into the sea can be risky. With the floating keyrings, the users key will never end up at the bottom of the sea but will float on top. Plus, if its brightly coloured, you will be able to see it float wherever they are!

promotional floating keyring summer promotional ideas

Promotional Bottles

It’s important to keep hydrated in the summer heat, so when your client grabs a drink, let them grab your promotional drinks bottle and have your logo seen each time they are thirsty.
If you choose a unique style bottle, not only will it draw the attention of the person who is using it but will also attract others around who possibly may ask where they got the bottle from. We have all sorts of shapes and colours for your to browse through!

promotional bottles summer promotional ideas

Promotional Flying Discs / Frisbee

Not all of us are lucky enough to be by the beach, so for some fun in the park promotional frisbees are an attention grabber. Have your print fly sky high by choosing from many styles and colours to match your brand.

promotional bfrisbee flyers summer promotional ideas

Promotional Custom Printed Deckchairs

If you have a promotional event at a beach, or park, where you want to give attendees seating, then these promotional custom printed deckchairs are the ideal way to promoting your company or message. Endorse a calm and relaxing promotion with these fantastically useful promotional printed deckchairs and have customers forever thanking you!

promotional custom deck chairs summer promotional ideas

Promotional Luggage Tags

We mostly associate holidays with summer time, so on the user’s travels, they will need some form of luggage tags. These Tags will help the user identify their bag quickly in the jumble of hundreds of suitcases, making their life a lot easier! Make your tag as unique as possible to ensure all eyes are on your name!

promotional luggage tags summer promotional ideas

Promotional T-Shirts

Summer time is a great time to give promotional T-Shirts a go. The forever popular item is still as satisfying for customers as ever! Choose a great design and you’ll have everyone advertising for you, wherever they go! We have hundreds of styles and colours to choose from, so we guarantee there will be something to fit your brand! We even have a selection of promotional T-Shirt designs for some inspiration!

promotional t-shirts summer promotional ideas

Promotional Waterproof-Carry Containers / Pouches

Keeping everything dry at the beach can be tricky, so these brightly coloured promotional waterproof-carry containers will do just that. Just place your company logo on this case and your clients will be forever grateful!

promotional bwaterproof containers pouches summer promotional ideas

To Finish

Whatever the choice, we can guarantee the best prices and lead times for you. If you see anything you like above, visit our website or call us on 01420 478866! We aim to help you find the perfect summer promotional product to suit whatever summer campaign you want to launch.