Trend Alert! Seeds and Seeded Merchandise…

Trend Alert! Seeds and Seeded Merchandise…

It is not just our new range of items going green this year. We now offer seeded merchandise to turn your clients desks and gardens into colourful spaces. We’ve brought together some memorable gift alternatives that will allow your brand to ‘grow’, literally, with our easy to use planted merch ideas.

Seeded Paper

What we’re most excited for this year is the seeded paper products! These include, but are not limited to, note pads, bags, wristbands and coasters. All being industry favourites.

Incorporating seeded paper into these products makes them instantly more unique and environmentally friendly. Don’t let your merchandise end up at landfill, plant it and grow beautiful wild flowers.

Sprouting Pencils

Yes you heard me, sprouting pencils! At the end of the pencil there is a water-soluble seed capsule in place of an eraser, that can be planted in to soil. You can grow strawberries and lavender or more!

These pencils can be laser engraved and printed up to full colour on the pencil and paper sleeve.

Seed Sticks & Sachets

Want to grow flowers, herbs, fruits and veg, even trees? Seeds and seed sticks have a diverse range of options to choose from meaning you can find something that truly represents your brand.

Coming in an expansive selection of shapes and holders representing a variety of industries the possibilities are endless!

Grow Kits

Want a beautiful variety of flowers or a delicious salad you’ve grown yourself? Grow Kits are a wonderful giveaway that can be enjoyed by all ages and leave a big impression! With a range of plants and seeds and branding options we’re sure you’ll find something to suit you!

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