Warm Up Customers And Clients This Winter

Warm Up Customers And Clients This Winter

Winter comes around, and as the temperature drops consumers make their
way to the hot drink vendors and coffee houses to warm up before heading back
to work or hitting the shops again. It’s worth considering that a great cup or mug
actually grabs attention and builds good brand awareness, as well as showing
everyone where the drinker’s been getting their hot choc from!

We have a great range of drinks containers that cover a large
range of applications. For example, we have a great range of disposable cups
for vendors, cafes, shops… anywhere drinks on the go are in demand. Here’s a
selection of 12oz paper cups, some with ripple bodies, that represent the best
choice for latte-style drinks:

For the more in-house serving establishment we offer a varied
selection of mugs and cups to suit a wide variety of hot beverage connoisseurs.
Having a set of personalised mugs can give a professional touch that reassures
the consumer and adds to a service that will have them remembering that lovely
coffee house they visited this morning:

Of course there’s not always time to hit a coffee shop, and maybe your
customers are making a drink for the long day  ahead. You can provide a quality, personalised
touch to their drinks storage with our range of gift beverage holders. From
flasks and thermal beakers to our new range of ceramic takeaway cups (which are
real beauties to behold) there’s a holder for every hand:

All these and more can be found on our website with all the
personalisation, colour and size options you’d expect from a company that calls
themselves Complete Merchandise. And with our friendly service, quick
turnaround times and thorough knowledge, if you have questions or want opinions
on what suits your needs best you know you can always ask us. Stop the chill
affecting your business and take a look at how we can heat up your winter
Complete Merchandise