Washington Dc Financing Agreement

A contract of commitment or written guarantee executed in accordance with this section may be considered unenforceable and unenforceable, unless the agreement is signed by the borrower and contains the information requested in this section. A financing agreement containing the information required in Section 14 of the Act may be submitted and executed by the mortgage lender and the borrower in lieu of a written obligation if the financing agreement is not subject to any future provision, amendment or amendment and if the financing agreement complies with the requirements of Section 1117.1. A written undertaking made by the mortgage lender and the borrower pursuant to section 15(a) (8) of the Act may be filed in lieu of a financing agreement if the written undertaking contains the information required in section 1117.1. The mortgage lender can enter into a lockdown agreement if the mortgage lender and any borrower execute the agreement, and the agreement contains the necessary information in section 1117.5.