Waterproof Ponchos – The perfect promotional item for unexpected rain

Waterproof ponchos

Waterproof Ponchos – The perfect promotional item for unexpected rain

Waterproof Ponchos

Planning on going on holiday? The weather forecast looks perfectly warm and all you’ve packed is shorts and t-shirts, carelessly neglecting any option of rain – when does it ever rain on holiday?

You come across the teeny tiny pack-a-mac and without hesitation exclude it from the great mound of skimpy clothing and sun tan lotion.

Then what happens; It rains. It may only be a few showers here and there, but you’re unprepared, wet and contemplating spending valued spending money on a waterproof item.

This is exactly what happened to me. After not minding the idea of getting a ‘little bit wet’, try spending half an hour in a thunder shower, followed by sitting in a cafe trying to ring everything out. Four hours later, you’re still not dry and stepping out the cafe seems far from ideal. A poncho suddenly became really appealing and I had very much wished I had been sensible enough to pack the tiny thing.

So here we have it, the glorious poncho, as bright as could be. The best item I bought all holiday.

And boy, did I stand out! Ponchos are coming back in to fashion and are definitely a very popular festival item at the moment. Take Glastonbury for instance; It has rained for the last four years in a row. Four years! So if you’re planning a promotional item that is treasured more than anything if the weather turns, promotional ponchos are definitely a very appreciated item. Plus, if everyone wears one, they look great! Not to mention (again) just how well they stand out from the crowd!

Waterproof ponchos
Taken from roseandbird.co.uk
waterproof ponchos
Taken from Coffee1.co.uk

Let’s face it anyway – It’s England. Unreliable weather is our thing!

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