What should I print on my promotional merchandise?

What should I print on my promotional merchandise?


Promotional merchandise is entirely about generating  brand awareness and delivering key information to audiences. This typically involves the display (print) of brand logos (representative imagery/text, if a logo is not available), slogans, website links and contact details. 

However, the appropriateness and effectiveness of each of those options depend heavily on the choice of merchandise, and the purposes of them. Listed below are several common scenarios and the key prints to consider.


Scenario 1: Giving promotional merchandise to new potential customers

The objective is to let new customers know who you are, how to reach you and what you do. Without question, your print must therefore include your logo and either some contact details or a website link – this enables your customers to find you after you part from them. If the printing space allows, include your slogan (this is the least important).

Ensure that your choice between which contact information to display is considered with your business and your audience fully in mind. For example, if you are a plumber, you would ideally offer a phone number, as I would imagine with plumbing emergencies, your customers may not want to wait for you to e-mail them back if they have a burst pipe! For us here at Complete Merchandise, our clients are 99% behind a desk, therefore it would be smart to provide an email address.


Scenario 2: I am selling merchandise to customers

It is more than likely that the customers who buy from you already know who you are, and understand your product/service. They are paying for a branded product and not a piece of advertisement. Therefore, like all commonplace retail items, only a logo is required. Another example are souvenir stores, typically, you will only ever see the brand logo.


Scenario 3: I have a large print area to print on

For the purpose of this example, we refer back to promotional merchandise. Selecting a product which features a generous print area, enables bigger branding, bigger messages, more information to be displayed and, overall, greater value for money.

You have the luxury of including all the key pieces of information, just ensure they are presented clearly, purposefully and with a sense of priority. Otherwise, having more could mean less is actually seen.



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