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Conscious Promotions

Organic Cotton – What are the Benefits? ​

In the world of conscientious consumerism, three terms are making waves: organic cotton, recycled cotton, and Fairtrade. These eco-friendly fabrics are changing the game for merchandising companies and consumers alike. Allowing your enviromentl beliefs to be represented by eco friendly merchandise.  

Organic Cotton merchandise. Fairtrade Cotton Merchandise. fair trade cotton.
Organic Cotton merchandise.
Organic Cotton merchandise. recycled cotton merchandise. recycled cotton.

Conscious Promotions

RPET – A second lease of life.

Let’s start by introducing you to RPET, a versatile and environmentally conscious material that’s redefining our perceptions of plastics. Likewise, it originates from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), a plastic you’ve probably encountered in everything from water bottles to food packaging.