Meet The Team



Tirath (Tom)

Sales & Marketing Manager


Weaponised with a generous background of design and sales knowledge at his disposal, Tirath is an impressive member of both our design and our sales team. He’s responsible for whipping up important visuals for customers, whilst working closely with them to ensure smooth-running processes and the meeting of urgent deadlines. He is also the godfather of Kiwi, one of our CM dogs!


“I love how Complete Merchandise allows me to explore my creativity by working on a variety of design and marketing tasks. But more so, I’m hugely driven by the responsibility of my own clientele to look after as best I can. It’s so great to work alongside a fun, crazy team which makes coming in everyday a joy!”





Sales Administrator


Say hello to our newest merchandise warrior! Being our youngest, she's bubbly, quick-thinking, and shamelessly okay with dog-face mugs. Sophie's fueled with an impressive array of customer service experience, making her an awesome addition to the CM squad!


“Complete Merchandise is always full of laughter and encouragement, and offers an excellent learning environment! Also, Joey and Kiwi are the cutest!”






Simon stands at the helm of all our finance services. Mysterious, but gets the job done. Anonymity preserved in the interest of his safety...


“The team is easy and fun to work with. Moreover, it’s evident that our working relationships with customers and suppliers are consistently healthy - this makes my job much easier!”


Kiwi & Joey

Fun Enhancers / Procrastination Tools


Joey is small, with an even smaller bark! Masterfully cute with his bursts of affection towards everyone he sees. We also love him because he doesn’t suffer from Small Dog Syndrome - phew! Kiwi is nothing short of a cute, four-legged candy floss of mischievousness. Just make sure you don’t say that “b-a-l-l” word, otherwise expect to be practising your throwing skills for the next hour!


“It’s a hard life, but at least we’re given treats to survive our laborious days of sleeping and playing fetch with promotional stress balls...”