Why are mock-ups useful?


Mock-ups are visual demonstrations of the final branded product through the digital superimposing of artwork onto product images.


They provide four great benefits: 

    1. It enables all parties (yourself, us, and the supplier) to agree and work towards the same goal and expectation of your final product. 
    2. This will save you from having to request a pre-production sample (a physical sample branded with your logo) which can be quite costly.
    3. When more than one print position or colour combination is being considered, mock-ups will display them together so that comparisons can be made.
    4. A final mock-up will be presented just before printing begins. This provides you with an opportunity to check everything (positioning, colours, spelling, etc.) and to amend anything should it be necessary.


Our in-house designers are great at capturing the vision you have for your branded product, and are full of fantastic ideas if you feel you need some inspiration!

How can I request one? 


Our in-house design team is at the ready for your mock-up request! Simply send your request details at and provide us with the following pieces of information: 

1. Product code

2. Product colour

3. Print position

4. Print colours (ideally in Pantone references)

5. Attach your artwork (see requirements)



See examples of mock-up's below: